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A Critical Look at the Hanoverian Stallion Licensing

The licensing of Hanoverian 2-year-old stallions was recently held in Verden, and eurodressage posted an article yesterday that takes a critical look at the process. Thank you to author Kerstin Aronis for her willingness to address some serious issues in stallion presentation at one of the largest and most prestigious registries in the world. more

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Fundraiser for Kathy St Martin and Jos Mottershead of Avalon Equine and Equine Repro

Most breeders know Kathy St Martin and Jos Mottershead, and all they've done for breeding in North America. Sadly they have been slammed by unexpected medical bills this year. They're not ones to ask for help, but the breeder community has jumped in to help without being asked. A fundraising raffle has been set up, with breedings to 20 stallions (so far) being offered. Such an outpouring of support makes me proud of our stallion owners! NEWS FLASH! There will also be a silent auction! Many items have already been pledged, and Warmblood Stallions of NA has donated two online ad packages! more


New from KER: Horse Water Consumption

Did you know that a 1-month-old foal will drink up to a gallon of water per day as well as more than four gallons of milk? Kentucky Equine Nutrition posted an article this past summer about water consumption in horses, and I was surprised to learn that a foal would consume that much. It's fact number 5 in the KER article. more


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Breeding News and Announcements

Hyperion Stud’s Farm Video

Hyperion Stud, LLC produced a lovely video of their farm, which was released this summer. The first in a series, this one introduces the guiding principles behind Hyperion. A beautiful farm, with stunning horses, Hyperion is well-filmed here, and the video is lovely to watch. more


Awarded Premium Foal at the 2009 AHHA approvals
Lillix WT was approved in 2012 with a score of 49. He scored 8 for jumping potential and an 8 for his pedigree. Lillix is by LioCalyon who has sired three approved sons. Lillix WT, Leapfrog (Oldenburg GOV) and Peterbilt (BWP elite stallion).

His sire LioCalyon competed successfully for a number of years before being retired to stud. He has proven himself to be a producer of successful sport horses.

Lillix’s dam Nelke I is by Coriander who competed at GP dressage with Wolfgang Schade. Coriander has produced 9 approved sons, 20 offspring competing at the advanced level dressage and higher and 25 offspring jumping at 1.40 m level and higher. Nelke produced WT Dragonfly (by LioCalyon) who is the 2014 Best American Bred Holsteiner mare for the AHHA, WT Fendi (by Limoncello II) who won the Riverson Memorial Award for high point AHHA foal, WT Exclusive (by LioCalyon) who scored 52 bonits at the 2015 AHHA inspections and in 2015 WT Halston (by Limoncello II) was a premium with 17 points, WT Harlowe (by Limoncello II) premium foal with 16 points, WT Lakota (by LioCalyon) 16 points.

Lillix WT is a beautiful mover, with great manners and will be showing in the Hunter arena in 2015.


Nelke I
Zoellnerin II
High Light I
Calypso II


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