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Stellar TVR

2013 N.A. Pony Stallion Testing Reserve Champion! 100% Premium foals with RPSI!
This stunning young stallion made history in 2013, impressing everyone as the first Haflinger to ever attend the North American Performance Stallion Testing with an outstanding score of 7.98, receiving interiors scores from 8.0-10, and 8s from Training Director for rideability, canter, free jumping, stadium jumping, & cross country jumping. Multiple Gold Premium foals and inspection Champion foals and a Mare Book I mare, all out of his first few foal crops!

Stellar made his first level debut at USDF recognized shows in 2017 with scores to 70%, and won overall DSHB Reserve Grand Champion at the National Dressage Pony Cup. His first recognized dressage show was in June 2016 at the USDF Dressage at Waterloo show in Michigan competing in the open division. He received a score of 73% for first place at Training Level Test 2 with 7.5 for gaits, 7.5 for impulsion, and several 8s, an 8.5 and a 9 in the breakdown scores.

Stellar's pedigree is full of Gold-rated horses, Elite bloodlines, and multiple European & World Champions! His sire is one of top stallions in Austria, keuring champion, has several licensed sons, & sired 2010 Junior Reserve World Champion. His dam's dam inspected Gold w/9 on movement. Grandsire's dam is one of strongest mare lines in the breed.

Foals out of Warmblood/GRP mares eligible for COP through RPSI.

In 2012 Stellar became the first & only Haflinger stallion in N.A. inspected/approved for breeding by Weser-Ems, receiving 8s on correctness of gaits and type; & RPSI (both Stud Book 1).

In 2011 Stellar was the highest-scoring stallion on AHR N.A. inspection tour, and was the USDF DSHB National Champion, with the highest median scores in open & IBC classes out of all Haflingers in the U.S.

Stellar has exceptional temperament, amazing character; pure, rhythmic gaits, balanced conformation, & fantastic trainability & rideability. Stellar's foals display his powerful movement, excellent conformation with outstanding hindquarters, beautiful heads & wonderful temperament, and are winning top honors at RPSI inspections and USDF DSHB shows and recognized shows under saddle. In 2017 a daughter won all six classes in her USDF debut at training level with scores to 73%. In 2015 a yearling filly winning USDF DSHB All-Breeds Award National Champion Haflinger, and an RPSI Gold Premium foal was inspection champion over nine Warmblood and sport pony foals, with another daughter in reserve!





Rivendell of New Horizons, 2015 RPSI Gold Premium/Site Inspection Champion (out of nine foals), out of VPrSt Ricola DTA

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