Jaleet SSF

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Jaleet SSF

World-class expression and athleticism!
As almost everyone else probably has, I had seen the eight second clip that Wim posted of Jaleet in hand a couple years ago. I was blown away. Then, two years ago, Wim brought Jaleet and Gaudi to a seminar at KC Dunn’s place, Timbach Farm, in Depauw, Indiana. It was my first chance to see him in person. What a horse. For one thing, Wim has done an incredible job training him, but, for another, he is one of the most expressive horses I’ve ever seen. He is such a happy, energetic athlete. His canter in harness convinced me on the spot that I would breed one of my dressage mares to him. Consequently, when I heard Jaleet might be for sale, I hesitated long enough to consult with my wife Carol (we’ve been married almost 31 years–admittedly, it’s taken me a while to completely “get” it, but I know enough now to discuss major purchases before making them…), and started negotiating. During the negotiations, Wim sent me a video of Jaleet’s dam, Dorenda (Plain’s Liberator x Manno). What a mare. Seeing her just made me all the more determined to own Jaleet. Thankfully, Jesse Zehr was willing to work with me, and we made the deal happen.

For me, Jaleet has what it takes to niche on dressage mares the way Gaudi is niching on DHH mares. He is a modern, blood type; his canter is uphill, huge, and expressive; his natural inclination is to lift into his movement in general; and he has a fantastic work ethic–a very happy athlete. Pedigree wise, he’s by Atleet, so his topline is exactly what I want. And, as good a producer as Atleet is, I think Jaleet is even more consistently producing riding type horses. I wouldn’t have gone looking for the Hackney influence on the bottom side for dressage breeding, but having seen Dorenda, Jaleet’s dam, I had no hesitation about the Plain’s Liberator influence. When most Americans think “Hackney”, they think of a fancy show pony, rather than the larger, more athletic version that has been an important outcross for the DHH. In this particular use of the Hackney blood, if people watch the video clip of Dorenda, I think they will agree with me that having Plain’s Liberator in Jaleet’s pedigree through his dam is a plus, not a negative. On top of his pedigree and phenotype, or, more likely, because of his pedigree and phenotype, he’s produced 100% first premium foals so far. Granted, the ones presented are all out of DHH mares, but they are rectangular and modern in type and very good movers. I believe Jaleet can contribute to dressage breeding by bringing a more expressive front, a modern type, and a good character.

I don’t expect everyone to jump on the Scot Train and go for this ride until we see some of the babies on the ground, but I’m excited that some people recognize the possibilities I see and are hopping on board!


Atleet (keur)
Dorenda (ster)
Patijn (preferent)
Sintia (ster)
Plain's Liberator
Uranka (ster)
Julony (ster preferent)
Waterman (preferent)
Kerna B
Plain's Black Satin
Birchfield Moonlight
Manno (preferent)
Linnia (preferent)


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